Floating Beads Necklace Set

Floating beads necklace set

By Divya N


Summers in India are quite long and hot and it is then we find ourselves reaching for softer colors and simple cooling fabrics not to mention going jewelry free or wearing minimal pieces at the most. But this is also the time, weddings, family celebration and parties happen, requiring dressing up with eye catching, statement making jewellery. When faced with such an issue I usually opt for a chunky pendant with a simple chain or cord, even though I dont find it appealing. But recently I realised that I could create a very graceful and elegant beaded necklace using the “illusion of floating” technique and pair with a chunky pendant for maximum impact.


In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a triple strand Floating beads necklace using beading wire and Jaipuri beads and a silver tone leaf pendant from BeadsNFashion. Jaipuri beads are vibrant spray painted glass beads from Jaipur which reflect the vibrancy seen in the markets there. In addition to using traditional colors like dark pink and yellow, I am going to be using yellow gold beading wire and yellow color (Topaz) patina ink to color the pendant as my inspiration for this piece comes from the rich brocade sarees of Kancheevaram with zari leaves in the border. Patina inks are opaque inks specially formulated to adhere to metal and create beautiful, long lasting patina effects.

As the Necklace is quite statement making, the earrings are simple beaded drops to create a balance. Here is the tutorial for the set


Level: Beginner

Finished length – 25” approx with the pendant drop of 1.75”

Time taken: 30 minutes (including drying time)

DIY Floating beads necklace set



  1. Leaf pendant -1
  2. Golden yellow beading wire
  3. Jaipuri Beads Tube Pink 6×12 mm – 12
    2.Jaipuri Beads Tire Yellow 4×6 mm– 22
  4. Gold tone crimps
  5. Clam shell endings –2
  6. Gold tone jump rings – 2
  7. Lobster clasp– 1
  8. Earhooks – 1 pair
  9. gold tone eyepin – 2
  10. Vintaj patina ink – topaz



Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters


Make the Necklace


  1. Clean the pendant with a soft cloth and fill the grooves with yellow patina ink. Make sure that there are no bubbles formed. Let it dry for 20 mins. Protect with sealer if required (optional) as patina inks by themselves are quite durable.
  2. Cut three pieces of 25” beading wire. Crimp them together in the center and string the pendant onto them.
  3. Divide the strands. In one strand, on any one side add a crimp yellow disk bead and a crimp. Move the set slightly away from the center and crimp the bead in place such that the bead is fixed in place and doesnt move. Repeat on the other side


  1. Add two more crimps – pink cylindrical bead sets on either side followed by crimp-yellow bead-crimp sets. Between one bead – crimp set and the other leave about 1.5”. Follow the picture for better understanding. Now one strand is complete.
  2. On another strand repeat the same exercise using three sets of pink beads
  3. On the third strand repeat the same exercise using four sets of yellow beads, gradually increasing the distance between them.


Spread the beads over the three strands in such a way that they are all visible when worn. The overall spacing of the beads on each strand depends on how closely packed or open you want the necklace to be


  1. Gather all the three strands together on one side.  Leaving almost an inch gap from the end add a crimp followed by a yellow disk bead and crimp bead. Crimp in place securing all the three strands. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Insert the joined strands into an open clam shell finding and crimp them once again. Leave 2mm allowance and trim the rest of the wire and close the clam shell with your pliers
  2. Connect a clasp to the clam shells using jumprings to finish the necklace

Make the earrings – Method

  1. Add a yellow bead followed by a pink bead into an eyepin and bend the remaining wire at 90 degree angle where the beads end.
  2. Using your round nose pliers, turn the wire in an “inverted C” shape to create a loop.
  3. Cut excess wire (if required), add a earhook and close loop. Repeat for the other pair


Your necklace and earring set is now ready. What will you pair your set with?


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