TOP 10 Jewelry bracelets’ trends 2018

TOP 10 Jewelry bracelets’ trends 2018: representatives of fauna and styles

Well, hello to everyone in the New Year! And during the New Year, we finally return to the full and structured content creation. Yes, yes, now you will finally receive a weekly portion of the Jewelry Trends. I hope that you are happy about this as well as I do! And today I want to finally finish a series of traditional posts about the trends of jewelry. And just with the next post, I’ll try to surprise you with the new rubrics and ideas! Anyway, today, the last post from the series: the TOP 10 jewelry bracelets’ trends of 2018.

No cheapness!

The “Diamants Légers” collection exuberates elegance through exceptional diamonds selected by expert jewelers and set on light gold chains. Diamants Légers bracelet, 18K yellow gold, set with 1 brilliant-cut diamond of 0.09 carat. Purchase at

Gurus of fashion industry rely on diversity and permissiveness, totally refusing the boring jewelry. The main slogan of 2018 is “No cheapness!”
So be careful while purchasing the next product – feminine chains and bracelets are trendy right now. And they must necessarily be made of precious metals and the same precious stones. Such jewelry bracelets will become an absolute must-have in 2018, after all, such an adornment you can wear the whole day – an ideal combination with a soft sweater or a bullet shirt, as well as with an evening dress with a three-quarter sleeve.

Thin and elegant bracelets are always fashionable. No matter how it could be cool and cheerful to be a rebel, no matter how unusual and unique you feel yourself while wearing futuristic things. Being a lady is the only one great fashion art.

Minimalist & Geometry

Minimal bracelet for women is designed with silver wire. This geometric bracelet is a combination of circle and square bracelet. It is very elegant for special days. Purchase at

For lots of outfits, thin jewelry bracelets of various designs are also suitable. A thin bracelet will easily complete the image. In 2018 designers and jewelers presented various forms of models, for example, the form of a cube or elongated rings of various sizes. Such jewelry bracelets necessarily allocate beauties among all fashionistas.

“With a tattoo meaning”

Gorgeous Baltic amber bracelet. Gems of yellow color. Black leather saddle. Almost rectangular central gem.

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In 2018, wide bracelets of various shapes and made of various materials will be very relevant. And the particular attention should be paid to leather bracelets, due to their shapes they seem massive and attract attention to themselves also thanks to some interesting inserts made of various materials. These jewelry bracelets need to be selected very carefully as you should always pay attention to your individual characteristics. Such a bracelet will get a lot of attention and it will be much better if you treat it as you need to treat tattoos. After all, someone will totally ask: “What does this mean?”

Leather bracelets with natural stones will find a new life and a new meaning with the most uncompromising style that has ever existed.

Seasonal experiment

Purchase Eco-friendly natural boho Jewelry at
Ourania, the jewelry designer is a nature lover and her inspiration comes from raw, natural materials.
Hemp cord, wool, leather, fibers and yarns, intrigue her to explore different ways of using them. Vibrant colors or neutrals, mixed cords and yarns with metal beads, woven, crocheted or knotted are the core of Ouranis work. She was born in Greece, in a family of makers and she was raised with tons of textiles, fibers, patterns, sewing machines. Ourania studied Architecture , but never stopped crafting items.

Wide jewelry bracelets, imitating the shape of Roman gladiator’s handcuffs that have a width of up to 20 cm are becoming really trendy in 2018. Thin metal can be either smooth or covered with bizarre patterns. But while wearing such a noticeable accessory, try not to overload your fashion image with unnecessary details. And, frankly, I would not like to hurry with this trend right now. Anyway, I do not advise you to delay with it. These jewelry bracelets look perfectly during spring fashion season, in a light and not too stuffy atmosphere. During summer period they really make the image heavier. But on the other hand, experimentation is something that you should always strive for in the fashion world. Personally, I see such a bracelet in combination with a wide knitted and possibly even a woolen white or milky sweater, which sleeves and neck completely hide you from the cold.

90’s child?

Vermeil Plated Sterling Silver, 2018 Lucky Charm bracelet set with white sapphires on an adjustable black cord with vermeil plated beads on the end. Purchase at

And yes, of course the trend in “several bracelets at the same time” remains relevant. Honestly I’ll tell you, I either forget about it constantly, or I just can not understand how to use it properly in the context of the fact I’m already 22 years old, not 12. I always had a feeling that this trend is relevant only in the image of a teenager or in image of the 90’s. Maybe I’m wrong… What do you think? Of course, you can assemble a set of several laconic and thin metal bracelets in a gold color and put them on with some kind of monochrome or casual image… But this is too boring! I think this sounds like a challenge…

Silver elegance

Inspired Chain Bracelet Set is the best way to enhance your look and stand out from the crowd. It perfectly complements your outfits and showcases your sense of style and fashion.

So, thin silver bracelets are at the peak of popularity once again. CLICK TO TWEETAnd now they are proposed to be worn for several pieces. To create a multi-layer set, it is better to choose elegant chains with simple classical weaving and miniature pendants. One of the jewelry bracelets can have a complement in the form of a chain with a ring on your finger.

Men’s freedom

This is a stunning, sterling silver handmade bracelet that has a Johnny Depp kind of Jack Sparrow look. This bracelet is an attention getter and will bring you many compliments! This cuff is made of 925 fine sterling silver and is 1″ wide and the diameter is 6 1/2 inches and is adjustable. This size will fit the typical man or a larger boned woman. Purchase at

There is also another credo for Men’s jewelry bracelets in 2018: “Many does not mean tasteless.” During this year men can forget about the rules of bracelets’ wearing and, finally, feel free. There are no more restrictions from the category of “a watch on the one hand, a bracelet on another” or “no bracelets with business suits.” Wear whatever you like. Combine the jewelry bracelets just as you want. CLICK TO TWEETToday, the trend is a men’s silver bracelet, reminiscent of a functional element of the watch. It is also worth paying attention to bracelets-chains with voluminous weaving. You can wear several models made of silver on one hand, giving preference to medium-thickness options. Today, a special glamor is in the combination of silver models with so-called “missangas”, which were worn by hippies in the 80s. Now you can mix missanga with a bright rosary bracelet, leather laces with pendants or without, and also sailor’s knot models.

Boho, as always

Finished in gold-colored bracelet pink with drops of Crystal Swarovski Elements. Swarovski color Aurora Boreale. Nammu brand plate. Heavy-duty 18 carat gold plating

Boho style is the main trend of the past few seasons, so during this year designers have not forgotten about it. The combination of the hippy negligence with truly Hollywood chic – that’s the hallmark of modern jewelry bracelets. Artful looks so charmingly that it can complement your wardrobe that any fashionista will hasten for the boho chic bracelet.

Perfect combination

Bottega Veneta’s sterling silver bracelet emulates the brand’s signature ‘Intrecciato’ weaving technique. This polished style has a hinged closure, ensuring a secure fit around your wrist. Wear it as an an everyday signature. Purchase at

Unisex fashion bracelets for 2018 are mainly made of silver and leather. CLICK TO TWEETAnd this trend is also more related to men’s fashion bracelets. Yes, I rarely talk enough about unisex jewelry, but right now the time has come. Such jewelry bracelets are not just fashionable, they will become must-have accessory in the 2018  wardrobe. What can I say – leather and silver is a truly masculine combination of materials. This accessory is suitable for any style and mood. The massiveness of such a bracelet is obtained as a result of the use of numerous weaving techniques. This can be an endless weave of leather straps. The combination of a leather strap and its congestion with metal. Even simple multi-row bead bracelets will also be popular in 2018.

It’s a bird!

Bird-shaped bracelet in gold and black pewter, encrusted with Swarovski glass crystals.

I will separately mention jewelry bracelets with a decor in the form of birds – feathered representatives of fauna massively nest on necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. This exotic trend can be seen on the latest shows from Lanvin.


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