Navrathri Day 9



Day 9- Navami



Navami is believed to be the last day of Goddess Durga’s fight with the buffalo demon Mahishasura. The battle that continued for days, ended on the tenth day, which we celebrate as Vijay Dashmi, on which Goddess Durga defeated Mahishasura.

Color of the day, purple: The color purple symbolizes luxury, power and royalty. The color purple comes in many shades, from dark hues of deep purple such as eggplant and grape to lighter shades of purple like lavender lilac, and amethyst, so generally there is a shade of purple for everyone go for jewelry that is more subtle, such as a simple bracelet and earrings or plain gold or silver chain around your neck or wrist. Both gold and silver work well with purple, but keep colored stones to a minimum and stick with diamonds or other neutral colored can go wild with your jewelry as anything will stand out against the purple, whether it is a light or dark shade.  Pair a simple purple dress with large earrings and a chunky bracelet in a bold color, or try a long chain with a pendant or charm on the end that catches the eye.


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