Navrathri – Day 6




Day 6- Sashti

Colour – RED



To destroy demon Mahishasura, Goddess Parvati took the form of Goddess Katyayani. It was the most violent form of Goddess Parvati. In this form Goddess Parvati is also known as Warrior Goddess.It is believed that the planet Brihaspati is governed by Goddess Katyayani. Red signifies power and brightness.
You can pick a red colour sari with golden embroidery on it or a bright red colour lehenga to worship Maa Katyayani. The only thing you need to remember is to keep your accessories to a minimum. The color red is not only versatile but it is also extremely eye-catching
  • You can go for bangles as well as neck pieces. Perhaps, a delicate piece of silver jewelry or a stylish jewelry in gold would be enough. You can even go for stone pendants and trinkets.
  • If you are wearing a red saree, you might go for heavy jewelry.
Style Tips: Don’t make everything red.  Golden clutch/footwear will take your look to another level if you are wearing a red saree with a gold border. When you are adding much gold to your accessories, make sure you wear light jewelry that looks beautiful and simple! Silver jewelry will look great if paired up with a plain/silver bordered red saree. Also don’t forget the jhumkis & if you’re married sport “that sindhoor” look!


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