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About – Druzy, rightly called the fairy dust stone gets its beauty from its anomaly. The natural cuts and crevices with its tattered shiny edges are the most attractive parts of the druzy stone. The base stone itself could be an agate, quartz, or any other hard natural stone. The bright colours of these base stones add the colour and the variety for this category of stones.

Designing – Druzy has been a favourite stone for most jewellery designers for a long time. It is used in both western and Indian ethnic Jewellery designs. There are multiple types of druzy that can be creatively used in various parts of the jewellery.

The slice druzy is a plain smooth surfaced druzy stone with natural broken edges. These druzy stones can be used to make pendants or ear rings or the body of the necklace too with a few beads in a metal casing and connected in rings or loops. They can be embellished with AD, or pearls around the circumference.


The window druzy is best used in its natural form. They often have a hole in the stone which makes it easy for designers to use them as pendants or links by tying them to threads and chains. Metal casing enhances the look of these stones.


Sugar druzy has a broken and tattered crystalline surface. They look like sugar crystals on the stone which gives the name. They provide fantastic angles for the light to reflect on their surface providing a natural shine to the stone.




The round druzy beads can be used as the base stone beads for a simple beaded necklace. Its natural tattered edges gives a beautiful finish and shine to the necklace.



So, that was the story of the druzy beads and its usage. Hope you likes reading this article. Doshare your designs, stories and inspirations. As always, waiting to hear from you…

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